About Zabellos

Zabellos was started by a group of young, second-generation Americans with a family tradition of fine shoe making and repair. Coming from a long line of old-world European cobblers, you could say our passion for shoes is in the blood. Luxury, to us, is the smell of a freshly-polished pair of wingtips or the sound of the hammer tapping on new leather soles.

shoe repairOur fathers learned their craft at the feet of European masters, and we learned, as we watched them work, that shoes can be works of art, that quality always pays off, and that some things aren’t meant to be thrown away.

When properly cared for, a well-made pair of shoes can last a lifetime. But it’s not always easy to find an experienced cobbler and the trip to the repair shop is often inconvenient. Our goal at Zabellos is to bring old-world shoe repair craftsmanship into the modern age—making it easy, convenient, and affordable.

shoe repairZabellos remains faithful to the time-tested traditions of the great European cobblers, while incorporating the innovations of online technology. Our online service transforms the traditional shoe repair process, turning a once-tedious errand into a simple trip to the mailbox. We supply everything you need to ship and track your shoes. All you have to do is put them in the mail.

When you send us your shoes, you can trust they’re in good hands. Our select team of master cobblers holds generations of knowledge, artistry, and craft, and takes great pride in restoring your shoes. We use only the finest materials, modern tools, and Old World techniques. The result: shoes of incomparable comfort, quality, and beauty—shoes that will last a lifetime.