Our Difference

Zabellos brings master craftsmanship to your front door, making it easy to renew the shoes you love and enjoy them for a lifetime. We treat your favorite pairs like works of art, meticulously working to preserve, enhance, and restore their beauty.

shoe repair

Old World Craftsmanship

Zabellos customizes and renews your shoes and leather goods with unparalleled skill, attention to detail, and the finest materials. Our shoe repair experts are master craftsmen, trained in classic shoemaking techniques and old-world cobbler artistry.

Modern Convenience

Zabellos makes repairing your shoes quick, easy, and affordable. We’ve streamlined and modernized the age-old craft of shoe repair—leaving you with less errands and more time for the things that really matter.

Expert Customization

A beautifully crafted pair of shoes that fit you perfectly is one of life’s luxuries. In the tradition of the great European couturiers, we custom tailor shoes—both old and new—to the specific contours of your feet.

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