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10 Must-Have Shoes For Fall

September 13, 2014

It is almost fall... even though this weekend - in Zabellos home of Southern California - are the hottest temperatures of the year. But fall is almost here. 

So what shoes do you need this fall? Maybe you're like me and you don't need ANY (I have way more shoes than I need - I even have a pair I've yet to wear). But maybe you do need a new pair. 

Esquire has done a favor for you: A list of the "10 Fall Shoes Every Man Needs This Year." 

Brogues, Bean Boots, Ankle Boots, and plenty more... including one of my favorite styles: retro running shoes. (That's a picture of my Nikes above, and I love them.)

What are your favorites from the list? Do you have any old pair listed that are in need of repair? If so, send them in to Zabellos and we'll get them repaired for you before the real autumn weather arrives. 

Want To Wear Blue Suede Shoes This Fall?

September 10, 2014

We've all heard Elvis's famous rendition of "Blue Suede Shoes," but I didn't know people actually wear them! 

It turns out, not only do people wear them, but they're a popular choice of footwear to sport this fall, according to Esquire

I've only owned one pair of suede shoes in my life, and those were a khaki pair when I was a teenager. They were almost impossible to keep clean. (Of course, back then I didn't know about stain guard and waterproofing, and there wasn't an internet company like Zabellos to offer products to care for shoes.) 

Blue suede, however, doesn't reveal stains as easily as khaki. So it's less of a risk to wear them. And they look great. 

If you are thinking of picking up a pair to wear this season, be sure to get some of Zabellos famous Shield to keep yours protected. 

If You DON’T Want Your Old Shoes Repaired

September 4, 2014

We are always encouraging people to get their old shoes repaired. Obviously, we like the business, but much more than that: We just love shoes. We want your shoes - especially the ones you love - to last as long as possible. And with Zabellos's master repairs, that means forever. 

But if you're going to get rid of your old shoes, you might as well do something useful or cool with them, and this art installation is pretty damn cool: A Japanese artist has created a piece out of hundreds of pairs of old shoes at a museum in Washington, D.C.

Titled "Over The Continents," the artist collected shoes from all over the world, from flea markets, friends, and even strangers. She also asked people to write a note on each shoe, explaining the significance of each one. 

Pretty cool, right? Zabellos always says that one of the things we love most about repairing your shoes is knowing that the memories and experiences you have with them will continue on. This art exhibit honors the same concept. 


Zabellos: We Know Shoe Repair and Shoe MAKING

September 2, 2014

Zabellos hears quite frequently from our customers how impressed they are with our service. "Amazing," "Unbelievable," and "Magic" are words that we hear a lot.

And we are asked just how we learned to repair shoes so well.  

The answer? We learned how to repair shoes by MAKING shoes. We come from a long line of cobblers who were trained in the Old World ways of shoemaking by the European masters. We still do make shoes for longtime customers with special requests. 

That's why we are so proud of our repairs. When we are repairing shoes, we are not thinking about it from the persepctive of fixing something... we are thinking about creating something. We are taking the shoes that you have worn out and repairing them as if we were making you a new pair. That's why our customers are so satisifed. 

Get Your Boots Repaired Before The Rains Come!

August 28, 2014

Earlier this year, scientists were prediciting there was an 80% chace that an El Niño in the Pacific Ocean would bring winter storm after winter storm starting in October. We certainly need it here in California. This week, the chance has been knocked down to 65% - so it doesn't seem as likely. 

But 62% is still better than even odds, right? In what condition are your rainy-weather shoes? We haven't had much use for them in Southern California over the last couple of years, so you may have let yours fall into bad shape. (As my better half did with her boots, above.) 

So just in case we are going to have a wet season coming up, why not send your shoes in to Zabellos to get them repaired? You don't want to be slipping and sliding around in the wet weather this year. 

Repair Your Wedding Shoes with Something Blue

August 26, 2014

One of Zabellos' customers came to us the other day with a problem: She's getting married this weekend and couldn't figure out how to work the famous "something blue" into her outfit. So she asked, rather hesitanttly, if Zabellos could help her out by affixing something blue to her shoes. 

She was thnking of maybe a simple bow, or something else unobtrusive. But Zabellos has seen this request before and we have the perfect solution: We have a blue sole that we can put on your shoe! It doesn't get any more unobtrusive than that! 

And before you think that it's some kind of gimmicky sole, let us assure you: It's not. It's the same high-quality sole we use for most of our repair work. It just happens to be blue. 

So the obvious lesson is that, if you need blue soles for any reason, Zabellos can help. But there is an even bigger lesson here: No matter what your shoe problem is, Zabellos can most likely help. You may think that it's a strange request, but we've been doing this for decades. We've probably heard it before. 

Don't ever hesitate to contact Zabellos with any question whatsoever. 

Repairing Expensive Leather

August 22, 2014

There is only one thing worse than getting a scuff mark on your shoes: Getting a scuff mark on your most expensive pair of shoes! One of Zabellos customers came to us with just such a problem - he'd accidently scuffed his deerskin loafers and he wanted to know if we could help out. 

The answer, of course, is yes. Zabellos has been making and reparing shoes for decades. We see things all the time that we've never seen before... but we never see anything that we can't handle. 

So keep that in mind. Yes, the most common things we do are repair soles, heels, pumps, and the kind of things that we all need done to our shoes. But Zabellos can do so much more. We can clean and repair any kind of leather for you.

So if you have a scuff or imperfection on your shoes, your jacket, your purse, your belt... don't panic. Talk to Zabellos. Let us help you save money and keep your expensive leather goods looking like new. 

Shoe Repair & The Last Weddings of Summer

August 20, 2014

We mentioned the other day that summer is rapidly fading away and it's time to get your shoes repaired for the autumn. But there still is some summer left, and I know quite a few people who have weddings to attend in September. Including myself. 

And one of my best friends will be attending the wedding as well. She was telling me that her favorite pair of Coach shoes - the ones she would like to wear to the wedding - were completely worn out. So I told her to get them repaired by Zabellos!

She was dubious - the soles were in awful shape and the bows were hanging on by the flimsiest of glues. 

I explained two things to her:

1) They are in awful shape because you wear them all the time... which means you love them. Why wouldn't you want to save a pair of shoes that you love?  

2) Zabellos are masters who have been repairing shoes for decades, and making shoes for decades longer than that. It is extremely unlikely that they won't be able to save your shoes. At the very least, they will be much, much better than they were before. 

So she decided to have them repaired. Want to see the results? 

Zabellos cleaned the canvas and the leather, replaced with soles with a brand new (perfect-for-dancing-at-a-wedding) sole, cleaned the bows and not only re-glued them, but added a couple of (hidden) stitches so that they will never fall off again. 

My friend was so thrilled with the work that she is planning to buy a dress specifically to wear with these shoes. And she promised me a dance for introducing her to Zabellos. 


Repair Your Shoes For Autumn

August 15, 2014

Techincally, summer is only slightly past the halfway point. There are still about six weeks left, plus, if you live in Southern California, where Zabellos is based, we always get an extra couple of weeks of warm temperatures. 

But it feels like summer is more than halfway over, right? The other night I was sitting outside and it was actually chilly. Football is in the air. Kids are back in school. It feels like the last days of summer. 

So perhaps it's time to start thinking about what shoes to wear this fall. Here's a great article with two hot looks for this fall: The "Santa Fe" look, inspired by the American Southwest, and hiking boots. 

The great thing about hiking boots, of course, is that they will last forever if you take care of them. I have a pair that I have been wearing for half of my life. Most people have a pair. 

Of course, you may not have worn yours in many years, and they may be in need of a repair. So turn to Zabellos! We can repair your boots in time for fall. You don't need to spend any money on a new pair when you've probably got an old pair sitting in your closet. 

Crawfish Nikes & Gun-Heeled Shoes: A Crazy Shoe Week

August 13, 2014

One thing you know for sure about Zabellos: We love shoes! Not just our shoes, and not just your shoes that we repair (although we certainly love both), but we love keeping up-to-date with the latest news about shoes. And sharing them with you. 

Today, we came across two fantastic new stories that we had to pass along:

  • We've told you about the coming revolution in 3D, printed-shoes technology. Shoes are going to be made inexpensively, in (literally) any kind of pattern or style you can dream up. But we never considered something like this: A shoe featuring a detachable, 3D-printed gun. I'll be honest, I don't think I would want something like this, it would intimidate me, but I do have to shake my head at the ingenuity. 
  • Now, something I DO want... Nike is coming out with a pair of their sneakers in an homage to a crawfish boil. I don't know if you've ever been to a crawfish boil, but it's one of the most fun parties you can attend. The shoe has a steel cap, resembling a pot.The side paneling looks like newsprint. And of course the shoes are the bright red of freshly-cooked crawfish. 

What do you think of these two styles? Which do you prefer? And ae you now hungry for some crawfish?