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If the Shoe DOESN’T Fit - Zabellos Can Help

April 13, 2015

One of the main concerns about purchasing clothing online - especially shoes - is that there is a good chance the item won't fit. If you're familiar with the company, sure, you know what you're getting. But if you're not? Who knows what you might receive. 

I wear a size 13 shoe in almost all styles; a couple of months ago I bought a pair of shoes from Amazon, only to find that I couldn't possibly cram my feet into them. I wear a size large in almost all casual shirts; two weeks ago I bought a shirt I liked off of eBay, only to find that I literally could not button it across my abdomen. It felt like a size small. 

I was reading an article this morning on about Amazon acquiring the services of a company called Shoefitr. Shoefitr uses scanning technology to measure shoes - eventually they hope to have a measurement of every shoe sold on Amazon - that provides customers with a much better idea of the fit of the shoe. It will eliminate a lot of doubt when buying a pair.

Of course, we at Zabellos would like to point out that if you end up with a pair of shoes like I did that are too small/tight, there is a good chance we can help out. We have the equipment to stretch your shoes and get at least a half-size more out of them.

Sure, you may just want to send them back to where you bought them and do an exchange. We just want to make sure you know that when it comes to footwear, Zabellos is not just about shoe repair - we are about helping you with all of your shoe needs. If you ever have any questions about what Zabellos can do, feel free to send us an email any time! 

10 Shoes You Need This Spring

April 8, 2015

There is no question spring is here. It's sunny and the skies are clear - except those parts of the midwest that might be getting thunderstorms today - and it's been a few weeks since I've seen anyone wearing a winter coat. 

Have you put away your winter boots and galoshes and brought your spring shoes out of the closet? Do you need to get any of them repaired for the nicer weather? 

Or are you contemplating buying some new shoes this season? (I actually bought two new pairs myself within the last month - the first time I've purchased two pairs in one month in many years.) 

If you are, Esquire's fashion blog has just the article for you: The 10 Shoes You Need This Spring

Whether it's white tennis shoes, as pictured above, fancy oxfords for when you have to dress up or laid-back slippers for when you don't, there is something for everyone on the list. 

What pair do you like most?

Opening Day! Repair Your Gloves & Cleats

April 6, 2015

Today is Opening Day. One of the best days of the year. I'm not the only one who suddenly wants to go outside and throw the ball around, am I?

In what condition is your glove? You know, Zabellos can repair pretty much ANYTHING leather. If your glove has tears, if it's frayed at the seams or the leather lacing is coming apart, we can almost assuredly repair it. 

Also, maybe some of you have kids playing Little League, maybe some of you play in an adult league yourselves. If you need some cleats cleaned or repaired, don't hesitate to send them in to us. 

Zabellos is here to repair your luxury dress shoes, sure... but we can save you money by repairing anything leather that you own. 

Enjoy Opening Day. I know I will. 

Avoiding Leather Shoes in the Rain

March 27, 2015

Winter is behind us now, so the road salts and snows that have piled up across most of the country are no longer going to be a danger to your leather shoes. 

But that doesn't mean you're out of the woods completely. The spring - and summer, depending on where you live - rains can also cause extreme damage to your favorite leather shoes. 

An article today on Business Insider reminds us that with a few precautions, you can make those leather shoes last longer. Some tips:

  • Wear galoshes or overshoes over your leather in the rain
  • Add rubber soles if yours are currently leather
  • If you get your shoes wet, immediately remove them and let them dry

What the article doesn't say - but Zabellos is here to tell you - is that if your shoes do get "ruined" in the rain, there is a good chance Zabellos can repair them for you. If you have any questions, shoot us an email. 

Also, if you're getting your shoes repaired this spring, don't hesitate to ask Zabellos to add weatherproofing for you. It's no additional charge and it could save your shoes from the rains!

Volvorii Timeless: One Shoe to Match Any Outift

March 24, 2015

It doesn't matter if you're a man, woman, or child... we all have certain shoes that we wear with certain outfits. That's just how it does. Depending on the size of your wardrobe, that might mean you own dozens of pairs of shoes.

(I once lived with someone who had more than 30 pairs, including some that she had purchased to wear with specific outfits but never actually worn.) 

But what if you had one pair that could be worn with hundreds - if not thousands - of different outfits? These heels from Volvorii Timeless do just that. The shoe's base is eithe black or white, but the secret is a patented "E-ink" panel on the side of the shoe that allows the user to customize the colors and patterns from his or her smartphone. 

The shoes will probably be available in December; the crowdfunding price is $249. 

What do you think? Would you like to own a pair?

Top 10 Best-Selling American Sneakers

March 20, 2015

America is the largest sneaker market in the world, which I suppose doesn't come as much of a surprise, though I did not realize that total sales are more than 25 billion dollars annually. (Also interesting - Nike accounts for 90% of all basketball shoe sales.)

But, according to this article in the Washington Post, those are the numbers, and they represent a 47% jump in just four years. Take a look at the list of the top 10 selling sneakers. Do you own any of them? 

Personally, I do not. (My most recent purchase was a pair of Nike "Downshifter 6" running shoes.) But years ago I did own a pair of Air Jordans similar to the #1 shoes on the list. 

What sneakers make up your collectioin? Do you have running shoes, basketball shoes, trail shoes? Which do you wear the most? 

Wearing Jelly Sandals This Spring

March 16, 2015

How is the weather where you are? It's heating up all over the country (although who knows how long that will last?). Are your thoughts turning to warm weather clothes and shoes? Mine certainly are. This past weekend, I wore shorts and shoes-without-socks for the first time in 2015.

Articles and advertisements are starting to come out with new styles for the spring. has a feature today on jelly sandals, calling them the perfect shoes for spring. They're glittery and whimsical and, if you're around the same age as I am, they probably remind you a little too much of the 90s. 

But... there is no question that they are unique, and kind of cool in a youthful way. Plus, there is no limit to the different looks you can sport with different kinds of socks. 

What do you think of the style? Have you ever owned a pair, and how long has it been? Do you ever see yourself wearing some again?

We'll be honest - we don't get a lot of jelly sandals for repair at Zabellos. We could do it, of course, we just don't see that many. 

Maybe this spring we'll see more. Maybe. 


13 Non-Cinderalla Movie Shoes

March 11, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, we shared the news with you that Cinderalla's legendary glass slippers were soon going to be available for purchase. 

Today, in celebration of the release of the Cinderalla movie, released a list of the "13 Most Important Shoes In Cinema History."

Some of the shoes are undoubtedly just as famous as Cinderella's slipper, such as Dorothy's red slippers above, from The Wizard of Oz.

Some of the shoes, I will be honest, are just ridiculous. (Cher's purple clogs from Clueless - which you never even see on screen? Seriously?)

And some of them I hadn't even thought about since I was a tiny kid, like Pee Wee's white shoes. 

What do you think of the list? I was a little kid in the 80s, and right away I thought of the "Slick Shoes" from Goonies. What do you feel they left out?

Repair Those Flats Before You Hurt Your Feet

March 4, 2015

A lot of women love to wear flats. They're comfortable, easy to take on and off, and look stylish with almost any outfit. 

But, according to a report today by ABC, they can also be responsible for a many foot problems. The reason? They are sometimes too tight in the toe box. The shoes press down on toenails, leading to ingrown toenails. 

And, as Zabellos has said before many, many times: Your feet are the base for your whole body. If you start walking funny because of an ingrown toenail, your spine is going to automatically try to compensate, and then your back muscles will start to hurt. And then your neck and head. Next thing you know, your whole body is aching and you're miserable because of one stupid little toenail! No good. 

But what if you love your flats? I know a woman - very well - who would rather wear them and suffer the pain than give up her favorite pair. That's where Zabellos can help. If your shoes are hurting your toes, send them in to us. We can not only stretch the toe box to make them pain-free, but nobody will even be able to tell the difference. (Except you, of course, when your feet don't hurt anymore!)