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Happy Memorial Day - Time To Bring Out Your White Shoes!

May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day. Obviously, it's a time to remember those who sacrificed their lives. 

But it's also the unofficial start to summer. And that means that you can wear white whenever you want for the next few months. We've written before of the tradition of wearing white after Memorial Day - no one is exactly sure where the rule came from. 

At any rate, I went through my house and dug out the white shoes I could find. Three pairs of them unquestionably need to be repaired. I'm going to send them in to Zabellos for a shine and some other cosmetic work. 

What about you? What kind of white shoes do you have lurking in your closet? Anything that need a repair so you can wear them this summer? 

Roger Bannister’s 4-Minute Mile Shoes

May 20, 2015

Perhaps the most famous shoes in the history of distance running are going up for auction this fall: Roger Bannister's shoes that he wore when he ran the first sub-four-minute mile in 1954. 

According to the Boston Herald, the shoes are expected to fetch between $45,000 and $80,000. 

The shoes are made of leather and contain long spikes, and weigh only four and a half ounces. 

Whoever wins this auction, feel free to send the shoes in to Zabellos for a repair job. (We're serious about the offer... but we don't really expect you to.) We have repaired the shoes of many celebrities and athletes over the years, but we've never repaired a pair that is so historical. 

Avoid Foot Pain - Tie Your Shoes Correctly

May 14, 2015

You know those eyelets at the top of the holes in your shoes? Do you ever use them? I don't. Heck, even in the promotional photo of one of my favorite pairs of shoes, above, the don't use them. 

But it turns out, you should. According to an article I read today, you're supposed to thread your laces through those holes to help keep your foot and ankle towards the rear of your shoes. 

When you exercise, your feet slide forward, which will cause blisters. Using that top hole will help your feet stay in place. 

You know what else causes foot pain? Having shoes that aren't in good condition. If your soles are worn down, or your shoes are too tight, you will start walking in a funny manner to compensate, and then your wholde body will be out of whack. If you want to prevent that, keep making sure you get your favorite shoes repaired regularly. 

Summer Slip-Ons: Better Than Sandals (& Easier to Repair!)

May 11, 2015

We all understand that when the weather heats up, it's no longer time to wear formal lace ups and heavy oxfords (unless, you know, you have to for work). It's time to relax and wear shoes that are cooler - both in appearance and literally. 

But a lot of people - myself included - don't like wearing sandals. I've never found them comfortable, and I feel weird wearing them in restaurants or other gathering places. 

I love other sockless options, however, and, as this article on Footwear News points out, there are many different options for people to choose from when it comes to laid-back footwear. Loafers, canvas slip-ons, and espadrilles are just a few of them. 

And, even better, these kind of shoes will last much longer than sandals, because every summer or two you can send them in to Zabellos for a clean-up and repair, if needed. They will last for every summer for the rest of your life if you take care of them.

Sure, some of your casual shoes might be inexpensive enough to just throw out, but for every favorite pair of yours, make sure you keep up their repairs. 

Colin Kaepernick’s 500+ Pairs of Shoes

May 8, 2015

A friend of mine was making fun of me the other day for owning 15 pairs of shoes. She said that was way too many for a man to own. 

What do you think? I have a few pairs of running shoes, three pairs of loafers (of varying degrees of formalness), a few pairs of dress shoes, and some cold-weather shoes I acquired over my years living in Colorado and New York. 

My feet haven't changed sizes in almost 20 years now, and thanks to Zabellos, I can get my favorite pairs repaired and cleaned every once in a while to keep them fresh forever.

So I don't think 15 pairs is really all that many. 

Compared to Colin Kaepernick, my collection is almost nonexistent. According to a story today on CBS, he owns more than 500 pairs of shoes that he keeps on display in his garage. (Of course, they're all Nikes... for whom Colin is a paid endorser, so who knows how many of these pairs he actually paid for himself, but, whatever.)

Presumably, these are shoes he does not wear frequently, so when you add these to the shoes that he keeps in his closet, you can only imagine how many pairs he actually owns. 

If you ever need to get any of your Nikes repaired, Colin, feel free to contact Zabellos. 


Repair Your Summer Shoes Before They Hurt Your Feet!

May 6, 2015

Zabellos has pointed this out many times: You have to keep your shoes in good condition. Even a small amount of wear that seems insignificant may well cause you to walk just a little bit differently - and next thing you know, your body is out of sync. Because our feet are the base for all of our activities, even a small change in the way we walk will throw our bodies out of whack.

And in the summertime, when the weather is nice and we want to be outside more, we definitely want our bodies to be free of pain, right?  All the increased activity this time of year leads to many foot problems.

Your oxfords, your boat shoes, your flats, your pumps... don't ignore any work that needs to be done to them! You don't want to find yourself out on the town or in the park on a nice day when one of your friends says "Hey, it's such a nice day, let's take a walk"... and have your feet be in pain.

If you have any work you need done to your summer shoes, don't hesitate to contact Zabellos. In addition to our repair packages, we will always provide a custom quote on any specific work you need done.

This is going to be a great summer. Make sure your shoes are it good condition to take you wherever you want to go. 

Warm Weather Shoes

April 30, 2015

How about these 90-degree temperatures in Southern California? I know we need the rain... but it doesn't look like it's coming this spring... so we might as well enhoy the nice weather. 

What shoes do you wear in the warm weather? 

For me, I tend to rotate between four pairs (not counting my Nikes when I work out): 

  • My brown leather loafers. I wear these with khaki pants for work, sometimes jeans if I'm going out in the evening, basically anytime I have to dress up a little but don't feel the need to wear really nice shoes
  • My boat shoes. I wear these, sans socks, on really hot days
  • My Old Navy canvas shoes. I buy a pair of these every couple of years when they go on sale (around 4th of July) for about twelve bucks
  • My Chuck Taylor's. I've had this pair for three years, they are really beat up, but I love them still

What about you? What do you wear in the warm weather? Do you have any favorite pairs that Zabellos can repair for you to in time for the actual start of summer? 

Katy Perry’s Hamburger Shoes

April 27, 2015

Katy Perry has been known for her, well, different fashion style for several years. (Some might call it "weird." Not me, of course, but some.) 

I do not follow her instagram account, but someone sent me a link to this photo Katy took of her hamburger shoes yesterday.

I don't think I would ever wear a pair of these myself, but I have to admit... I kind of like them. I love hamburgers. Everyone here at Zabellos loves shoes. These look cool for lounging around the house. 

What do you think? 

Repairing Your Shoes Post-Winter

April 23, 2015

Winter seems like it's over everywhere across the country. (It feels funny to write those words here in Southern Calfornia, as the temperature has been in the 60s for the last few days, for the first time since January... not to sound like a jerk.)

How did your shoes survive the winter? It was brutal in lots of parts of the country. (I mean, in Southern California, we had a couple of days where it got down into the 50s!... okay, that time I definitely sounded like a jerk.) 

Before you put away your shoes until winter, take a look at them. What do they need to have done? Possibly nothing. But if they still have salts and grime piled on them from the nasty weather, you're going to want to get them cleaned. 

Properly-cared for shoes will last decades. Properly-cared for shoes with small repairs every couple of years will literally last forever. 

Zabellos wants to save you money and make your favorite shoes last forever. If you need any help - or even if you have any questions - feel free to contact us.  

Choosing (or Repairing) Shoes for Graduation

April 21, 2015

Millions of people will be graduating from high school or college in the next month or two. For many people, that means dressing up to attend the ceremony. And when we dress up, we often thing about the (literal) base for our outfits: our shoes. 

Is this something you're going to be thinking about soon? (Full disclosure: I skipped the ceremony for my college graduation and I wore Chuck Taylor's to the ceremony celebrating the completion of graduate school.) If so, you might be interested in this article on 9 Steps To Choosing The Best Graduation Shoes.

Some tips from the article: Don't worry about the height of your heels, don't worry about matching your footwear to your gown, and don't even worry about wearing nice shoes if you don't want to! 

One thing that isn't mentioned in the article that Zabellos wants to remind you: You may have a pair of shoes in the back of your closet at the moment that are perfect to wear to your ceremony. If they need a repair or a cleaning, send them in to us this week and we promise we will have them back to you before your graduation!