Cobbler's Corner

Repair Your Boots and Leather for Rodeo Season

March 2, 2015

I was watching the news this weekend and saw a parade in Texas, something about kicking off the start of Rodeo Season. I'll be honest, I didn't know there was a Rodeo Season, and I didn't know it started so early in the year. (I've been to two rodeos in my life and they were both in the summer.)

So it's a good time to mention that Zabellos is here to help with all your leather repairs - and that especially includes cowboy boots. We are known for our repairs of dress shoes, but we also get a fair amount of cowboy boots sent in to us, and we are experts at repairing them as well. 

And it's not just cowboy boots - leather saddles, leather chaps, even leather cowboy hats! Zabellos can repair it all. (We can also, obviously, add weatherproofing to any of your leather items.) 

Cowboy boots can get expensive, so don't think that you have to buy a new pair every year - er, Rodeo Season - or two. For a fraction of the price of a new pair, we can make your old boots like new. 

If you have any questions about your leather goods, don't hesitate to send us an email. 


Stretching Your Shoes

February 25, 2015

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you end up with a shoe or a pair of shoes that is too small. There are lots of reasons why. Maybe you bought them online and you didn't realize that your usual size would fit a little tighter than normal with this particular pair. 

Maybe you tried them on in the store and wore them for a couple minutes without realizing that they were too tight. 

Or maybe - and we see this more frequently than you would think - one of your feet is slightly larger than the other. Nothing you would notice just by looking, but something you feel when you're wearing a pair of dress shoes and your left foot feels fine but your right foot hurts. 

Business Insider today has a list of things you can do if you find yourself with a too-tight shoe.

But let's just focus on #1: See a professional! That's Zabellos. 

When people think of Zabellos, they think of shoe repair. That's no surprise; we've been doing this for decades and we are the premier source for Online Shoe Repair. 

But we can do so much more for your shoes. Zabellos should be your first thought when it comes to any problems you have with your shoes. 

We have specialized equipment to stretch your shoes, we can get at least another half size out of the shoes for you. Think about that if you have a pair of shoes that you dread wearing because they're just a little too tight.

How much would you love having some extra room in those shoes? Send them in to Zabellos, we'll take care of it for you!

Shoes at the 2015 Oscars

February 23, 2015

Did you check out the Academy Awards last night? What about the pre-ceremony red carpet festivities? If so, you probably noticed that everyone was dressed nicely, and quite a few people were wearing fancy shoes. 

Footwear News has compiled a nice slideshow today of the standout shoe designs from last night.

From the laceups worn by host Neil Patrick Harris to the Jimmy Choo platforms sported by Reese Witherspoon, the slideshow features more than 50 different styles and is well worth checking out.

Zabellos has repaired tens of thousands of shoes over the years - including many for celebrities - so we have certainly seen most of these styles before, but we still get a thrill out of collections like this.  

“Statement” Shoes This Spring

February 18, 2015

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes with the intention of standing out or making a statement? You know, a bold print, bright color, of extremely high platform?

According to the Wall Street Journal, that's going to be the style this spring. Famous designs are coming out with shoes designed to stand out. And with what kind of outfits should such shoes be worn? Bold outfits, of course!

The cool thing about this is that LOTS of people have a pair or two of bold shoes in their closet. Shoes they bought for one special occasion and aren't appropriate to wear in public most of the time. Or perhaps a pair of shoes purchased long ago that seems out of style now.

If you have such a pair, send them in to Zabellos and we'll get the fixed up for you so that you can be wearing them this spring. If you send them in soon, we guarantee we will have them ready for you by the time Spring is officially here. 

Baseball Gloves and Other Leather Repair

February 16, 2015

Zabellos is famous for our shoe repairs, of course, but did you know that we do a whole lot more? With baseball season just around the corner - pitchers and catchers report this coming weekend - it's time to start thinking about spring and throwing the baseball around. Is your glove in good shape? 

Every spring, Zabellos gets a handful of baseball gloves to repair. And why not - the same ideas are in play as shoe repair: taking care of leather, fixing blemishes, repairing broken laces and tears. 

And it's not just shoes and baseball gloves. Leather handbags, belts, luggage... anything leather, and you can bet that the master craftsmen at Zabellos have repaired it over the years. 

So dig out your gloves for this spring. And your leather luggage for any trips you might be taking. And, of course, any shoes that you plan to wear when the weather gets nicer. Send them in to Zabellos. 

If you have any questions about whether or not your item can be repaired, never hesitate to send us an email

A History of Shoes (and Shoe Repair)

February 12, 2015

A relatively new book titled "Shoes: An Illustrated History" gives - as you might guess with the title - an expansive history of mankind's fascination with shoes. 

In addition to pictures, it contains an interesting amount of history as well as a suprising conclusion: that despite the thousands of styles of shoes that are released every year, there really are only less than ten unique kinds of shoes: the sandal, the moccasin, the court shoe, the lace shoe, the monk, the leg boot, the bar shoe, the clog and the mule.

It also provides and interesting insight into the history of shoe repair; a Neolithic hunter, whose corpse was discovered after more than 5000 years, showed evidence of doing self-repair on his shoes. 

It seems people have been interested in shoes for even longer than Zabellos has been repairing them!

If you're interested in reading the book, it is available on Amazon

If you're interested in getting your shoes repaired.... well, you know where to turn

NBA All Star Game Shoe Lineup

February 8, 2015

The NBA All Star Game is being played next weekend in Brooklyn and there will be a whole new lineup of shoes on display. Sports Illustrated's website has a great rundown of what to expect. Some of the highlights: 

  • Nike, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the iconic, legendary Air Jordans, will be featuring four new pairs for four different All Stars
  • Adidas has created some black, white, and gold kicks for emerging star John Wall
  • Point guard Kyrie Irving will be wearing a shoe paying homage to New York City's subway system
  • Steph Curry will be wearing his first-ever signature shoe
  • And even Kobe, who won't be playing this year after being shut down for the season, will have his own shoe

Take a look at the article. What's your favorite of all the pairs? 


Halfway Through Winter - Do Your Shoes Need Repair?

February 2, 2015

Winter is officially halfway over! For those of you on the West Coast, especially Southern California, you might shrug and say "So?" But for those of you in the rest of the country, it probably comes as a great relief. 

How are your shoes holding up? Did they get hammered by the winter storms in December and January? If they've been damaged by salts on the roads, or dirt and mud, be sure to send them in to Zabellos soon. You don't want them sitting around filthy in your closet. 

On the other hand, if you've already started thinking about spring, you might have some shoes that are in need of repair for the warmer weather, right? Those laid-back casual shoes, and sandals for the warm days. If you send those in to Zabellos, we promise we'll get them back to you well before the start of spring. 

Shoes from the SAG Awards

January 28, 2015

It's no secret that many of us look to celebrities for fashion - if not to necessarily to copy their style, at least to get an idea of what is new and hot. 

And there is no better place to see celebrities than the SAG awards (except, I guess, for the Academy Awards). 

Hollywood Reporter has a terrific rundown of who was wearing what on their feet. From sandals and t-straps to Dior heels, the Top 10 list has something for everyone. 

What do you think? Do you have a favorite pair? 

Cleaning Your Shoes With Household Products

January 22, 2015

Zabellos has been repairing shoes for generations. We love it when you send us your shoes. We wouldn't mind if you sent in the same pair of shoes every month for repair. 

But that could add up for you... and unless you wear the same pair in the snow every single day, it's most likely not necessary for your shoes. 

So we understand that sometimes you're going to use household products to clean your shoes. We knew this even before we came across this article today

And you know what? Sometimes we do it, too. (I have a $12 pair of canvas Old Navy shoes that I'm always using an all-purpose household cleaning solution to scrub up when they get a little dirty.) Often there's nothing wrong with that...

But we want to point out something important: None of these household products are made for cleaning shoes. So they might get the job done cosmetically, but they could also ruin your shoes, especially if used too much. These are NOT products you want to use on your expensive shoes. Because that might ruin them beyond the point of repair. 

Remember, whenever you send in your shoes to Zabellos for repair, don't hesitate to request weatherproofing on your shoes. It's a free add-on, we're happy to do it for you, and it will help extend the necessary-repair period for your shoes.