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Gold Package


Expert restoration, from heels to half soles. Shoes are meticulously cleaned, reconditioned, and hand polished. Broken and worn heels are repaired and restored, and new half soles are applied.

Package Includes:
Half soles
We apply new half soles to your shoes, using top quality materials.
Heel repair
Broken and worn heels are repaired or replaced. Includes new heel tips for high-heeled shoes.
Heel cover repair
Gouged heels are skillfully patched or recovered in matching fabric or leather.
Minor tears repair
We will stitch up and mend minor tears and holes in your shoes.
We clean, rejuvenate, and erase stains on your shoes both inside and out.
Our exclusive Klenz machine freshens your shoes—sanitizing, deodorizing, and destroying bacteria and fungus.
We recondition the leather, suede, or fabric, removing scuffs, scratches, and stains.
Hand shine
We buff and hand polish your shoes to a beautiful shine.
Free shipping
Door-to-door shipping is always free.
No sales tax
Sales tax is covered (where applicable). Customers outside California may owe use tax. Please contact your tax advisor.
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Choose Your Free Add-Ons (unlimited):
Having trouble with the toes of your shoes wearing out? Toe taps help prevent damage and prolong the life of your shoes.
Rubber heel taps help prevent the heels of your shoes and boots from wearing out. Available for men’s shoes and women’s flats.
Check this option if your laces are old, broken, or need to be replaced.
Check this option for an extra-glossy, mirror finish.
Are your shoes too tight? We can stretch both the length and width of your shoes.
If your shoes are going to be exposed to rain, we can protect them.
If your shoes are going to be exposed to snow, we can protect them.
Check this option if you need boxes to ship in your shoes.