Shoe Care Tips

A quality pair of shoes can last a lifetime if cared for properly. The following tips will help you keep your shoes looking their best.

Invest in cedar shoe trees
Always store your recently worn leather shoes with moisture-absorbing cedar shoe trees. Cedar shoe trees help maintain the natural shape of your shoes and draw moisture out of the lining. They also can prevent the leather from cracking and developing creases where the toe bends. As an added bonus, cedar serves as a natural deodorizer.
Rotate your shoes
Leather shoes need time to breathe and to dry out from natural foot perspiration. Allow at least one day of rest between wearings. When combined with the use of cedar shoe trees, this will help maintain the shape of the leather and prolong the life of your shoes.
Use a shoehorn
Always use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes. A shoehorn will help you slip them on more easily and keep the back of the shoe from breaking down. Avoid forcing feet into your shoes, which adds unnecessary wear and tear.
Keep shoes clean and dry
Moisture is damaging to leather, so make sure to store shoes in a dry, properly ventilated area. This will help prevent the formation of mold and its odors. Also consider using cedar blocks in your closet, which will help absorb moisture, keep shoes smelling fresh, and hold moths at bay.
Store your shoes with care
Keep your shoes in boxes, shelves, or cubbies away from anything that may fall on them. Don’t crowd your shoes or place anything on top of them, which can destroy the shape and structure of the shoe and damage the leather. As added protection from scuffs and dings, use breathable cloth shoe bags.
Keep shoes away from direct heat
Sunlight and heat dries out leather and causes shrinkage, stiffness, and cracks. If your shoes become damp or wet, let them dry naturally at room temperature. Avoid placing shoes by heaters or vents.
Clean and condition your shoes
Regularly cleaning, conditioning, and polishing will keep leather looking good and prevent shoes from wearing out early. Avoid cleaners that contain acids or detergents, both of which are damaging to leather. Choose high-quality leather products and cream-based polishes for the best results.

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